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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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on. i'm approaching that location by rail. the police helicopter is up above that location. we'll be there momentarily. after this phase and after the shots are fired, the sky that was called the back bicycle will robber, went across different banks in northern virginia and he apparently attempted suicide and was taken to the hospital. the state carjacked two people and ended up somehow on metro bus and has been captured, now, in southeast washington. you see a lot of scared people, they can breathe a sigh of relief. >> they're waking his way to the southeast washington where dc police have captured wossen
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assaye from the fair faction hospital. we're joined where the authorities had a staging area. their reaction to this news? >> reporter: the f.b.i. as well as the police chief from the fairfax county police, we were listening to that after a nine-hour search, the suspect has been found. it was an intense day here in the area starting earlier this morning at 3:00 a.m. it started, he came transported to the hospital, he had escaped from the hospital. there was an intense search inside and eventually outside the hospital. initially police thought that wossen assaye could have been with his girlfriend and we're reaching out to his girlfriend in this area to find out if
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this was a coordinated plan or if she had any information. they quickly determined that they were not together and he was traveling alone. he had escaped from the hospital initially wearing a hospital gown. he carjacked two vehicles at one point and was on foot. no one was hurt in any of the carjacking but the first carjacking occurred shortly after he left the hospital, snuck into a woman's car, she lives near the hospital, he snuck into the back and she was frightened when he surprised her and crashed her car. we spoke to the man who lives at the home at cindy lane, that is where the car was crashed. here's what he has to say. >> well, we talked to that gentleman a short time ago, and he was thankful that no one was
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hurt in that situation. he ran out of the car. shortly police will [indiscernible] . [ audio soft ] >> this has come to an end. back to you. this all began about 9 hours ago. and we're in the fair faction hospital. she joins us in the hospital with more. they're breathing a sigh of relief at fair faction? >> yes, everything is getting back to normal here at the hospital. it's a slately different scene than what it was earlier this morning. we got there just after 3:30 and the hospital was on lockdown, this started as an active shooter investigation
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where that suspect wossen assaye overpowered a security guard, shots were fired and it immediately went on lockdown. this is a very large hospital, police were going from room to room searching for that suspect. during the lockdown no one was allowed in or out of this hospital. they caught several police waiting to get to work in the hospital. it started at 7:45 and then things started to get back to normal especially when the news broke out just not too long ago. i will tell you during this ordeal how scary this must have been for the patients, visitors and the staff at the hospital. while this was happening i was talking to a hospital employee and they told me they were trying to see things as close -- keep things as close to normal as possible. they're trying to keep the patients as calm as possible, hearing a gunshot while you're in the hospital, it's a scary
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situation. things are back to normal here and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we are recounting what happened now. the wossen assaye, the prisoner who escaped is now captured. we'll have much more at 9 news at 5:00 and you can follow the ongoing story on the mobile app. fairfax county police chased down this suspect in a silver pickup truck on the fairfax county parkway. the chase was not connected to the search for wossen assaye at all. they hadn't used a bat ton before slapping on the handcuffs. in other news we're waiting to learn the identity of the man fatally shot outside the agency at fort meade. he is cuacsed of running an suv
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into the estate this. he was forced to tell wusa nine, a man who checked into the paris hotel yesterday morning, ran out of his room about an hour early, yelling that his suv had been stolen. the man inside the truck were dressed as women when they rolled up the four seats. the driver failed to follow instructions from guard guards there answer kept driving the suv vehicle and officers opened fire. the driver was killed and the passenger and one officer were injured. the first day with the district address is scheduled for tonight. it's part of an week long effort highlighting ways for a pathway to the middle class for all residents of the district. 6:00 p.m. our time is the deadline for diplomats to come out for an outline for a deal which would reign in iran's nuclear
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program. there is still a very long way to go. world leaders want iran to keep provisions which would limit its stability. in return, it's seeking relief from crippling. coming up, lawmakers are debating what should be done with the information stored in your car's computer. but, first if you thought you had a rough commute, see what happens to a bicyclist caught in a down power.
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you're listening to a press conference of fairfax county police reacting to the capture of wossen assaye. >> an alert community member that has led to the arrest of mr. assaye in this case. so i must thank our community members for the support, from social media, also the media yourself here today helping us get the message out to take a violent felon off the streets of our region.
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so thank you. on march 20th, mr. wossen assaye was arrested by the fbi for a series of bank robberies in fairfax county and our region. mr. assaye was detained in the alexandria city jail. on march 27th, mr. assaye attempted suicide in his cell. he was then eventually transport to inova fairfax hospital for treatment of his self-inflicted injuries. while at the hospital the united states marshal service that coordinated the transportation had a private security contracted firm maintain custody of mr. assaye. at 3:00 this morning mr. assaye got into a struggle with one of the security guards and a round was discharge from the security guard's weapon. it's unknown at this time who fire the round, but fortunately no one was reported to be injured. mr. assaye then fled with the
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weapon into a nearby residential neighborhood where he then broke into the trunk of a resident's vehicle. the resident came out of their house and was proceeding to -- proceeding to commute to work. while commuting to work, in the area of the hospital, mr. assaye started to kick out the back seat from inside the trunk. the vehicle then crashed and mr. assaye then committed a carjacking of the vehicle and fled with the vehicle. the driver of the vehicle was slightly injury and treated -- was slightly injured and treated. mr. assaye then fled in an unknown direction at the same time that we were looking for the vehicle we were methodically going through every single building at the campus of inova fairfax hospital. we then around 10:30 this morning found mr. assaye's car
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in the annandale area abandoned. mr. assaye then carjacked a second car and fled the area. the fairfax county police has recovered the first vehicle that was carjacked, including what we believe to be the secured -- security guard's weapon inside the car. moments ago in the district of colombia in the 6th police district an alert community member identified mr. assaye through all the social media outlets where we put our message out and call the metropolitan police department -- called the metropolitan police department and mr. assaye was arrested by the metropolitan police and we are glad that he's in -- [ no audio ] that are prepared to provide brief comments and to help answer your questions.
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>> good morning, ladies and gentlemen, i'm bobby massen, u.s. marshals eastern district of virginia. as the chief said, the prisoner came into our custody on march the 20th for his initial hearing in the alexandria federal courthouse. he was booked into the alexandria detention center on the 20th. on the 27th shortly after 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon the prisoner at that time tied a bed sheet around his neck and dove off one of the tiers in the alexandria detention center in an attempt to commit suicide. he was retrieved by medical personnel at the time in the alexandria city jail, was then transferred -- transported by the rescue squad to inova fairfax hospital. for the first 24 hours of his hospital stay, his observation,
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alexandria deputy sheriff's maintained custody of him and maintained observation over him. after 24 hours contract guard services, allied protective services took over with a two- person detail to maintain 24- hour observation and custody while assaye was being treated for his injuries. to my knowledge his only injury at the time was a broken nose. this morning i guess shortly around 3:00 a.m., while under observation by the two contract security officers, the prisoner overpower the female contract security officer, managed to get her weapon from her, confronted the male security officer, one shot was fired by
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the male security officer from allied protective services. thank god no one was hit, no one was injured. the prisoner then escaped through a stairwell in inova fairfax hospital. as the chief probably said, the manhunt started shortly after 3:00 a.m. this morning with numerous events of carjackings. that's all i have from the marshal service at this point. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] >> yes, he was. >>reporter: he overpowered them with handcuffs? >> he was shackled. what i don't know because it's an active investigation at this point, i don't know exactly what restraints were on him at the time, but he was in his -- on a hospital gurney bed. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] he planned to meet up with a girlfriend or family member? >> we have no indication at this time if this was preplanned through a third party. >>reporter: can you tell us
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how you handle security prisoners in a medical setting? >> yes. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] >> well, based on the full facts of the investigation, what we'll have to do is find out what happened, if the contract security personnel violated policy in terms of shackles and restraints and once that full investigation is done, we'll certainly make changes to protocol. >>reporter: do you use contract of guards [ inaudible ] >> a number of years ago, i'm told perhaps as much as 10 years ago headquarters okayed national contract services for security personnel. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] >> i don't at this time. >>reporter: was he shot in the hallway? >> the shot was in the hallway. it was lodged actually in the room, the bullet was lodged in the wall in the room. >>reporter: is he a u.s. citizen? >> i don't know at this point. >>reporter: chief, can you tell us the lengths in terms of this manhunt in annandale where
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this man was captured in washington d.c. after that second carjacking on cherry lane, what happened between then and the actual capture? >> we had reports from community members that they observe the man running through the woods, and he came upon another house and there were occupants there and then he took their vehicle and fled. >>reporter: did he threaten them in any way? >> i don't have that information at this time, but obviously they were threatened by him and turned over their vehicle to them. that's all i know at this point in time. as i mentioned earlier, we conducted a ground search and an air search in this area and through social media and the partnership in the region with the comount an other law enforcement -- community and other law enforcement agencies and other alert community members spotted him on the streets of washington d.c. >>reporter: inaudible ] >> right now the second car has not been located so we still need help in locating that vehicle. our public information office has put out that vehicle
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information. we'll give it to you again at this conference, but we need your help in locating that second vehicle. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] >> if we can hold the questions to the end, we still have a representative from the fbi to provide some additional information for you. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. my name is greg cox, i'm the acting assistant director. my name is greg cox, i'm the acting assistant director in charge of the fbi's washington field office. we had since october 2013 the fbi washington field office through the violent crimes task force has been conducting an investigation into 12 bank robberies that have occur in northern virginia between october 2013 and march 2015. the sides believed to be responsible for each of these bank robberies. we can confirm at this point that he was arrested somewhere in the vicinity of minnesota avenue and 25th street in southeast d.c. and we want to thank the public for their assistance during this search
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because their tips were critical to his capture. now we'll turn it back over for questions. >>reporter: was he taken into custody without incident or what happened? >> i don't know the to that. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] a metro bus, walking down the streets? >> we don't have that information yet. >>reporter: when he was captured, how was he dressed? >> i don't know the answer to that. no additional charges at this time. >> i can let you know that for the crimes in fairfax county we are actively processing the crime scenes and we will place appropriate charges for each of the offenses he committed in fairfax county. we'll work with our federal and local partners on that. >>reporter: did anyone in speaking with people involved in the situation get a sense what he might have said to anyone or anything he might have expressed to these people as he encountered them throughout this process? >> we're actively interviewing people as we speak right now, but i don't have any details of
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that. i'm sorry, jeff. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] >> i can't hear. >>reporter: [ inaudible ] >> that's currently under investigation. i don't know if the car was open or if he had skills to force his way in, but we'll provide you updates on those. >>reporter: the girlfriend's picture had been put out. can you tell us more about that? >> that was originally put out because he might have been in the company of her. that was not the case today. >>reporter: do you know anything about her? was she involve in this in any -- involve in this in any sort of way? >> have any links to her today. >>reporter: can you give us an idea of how many officers and agencies were involved? >> i'd be giving you a guess at this moment, several hundred. we had a full contingent of virginia state police, the fbi, the marshal service, alcohol, tobacco and firearms staff, vienna police, fairfax county sheriff's office, a multitude, but i'll have a better answer once we debrief and account for everybody.
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>>reporter: i have a question for mr. massen. >>reporter: can we get back to the shackle thing? was he or was he not shackle in the hospital room? >> to my knowledge he was shackled. >>reporter: how did he get out of those shackles? >> that's being investigated at this point. >>reporter: is it possible one of the guards let him loose? >> there's no indication at this point. >>reporter: you mentioned a violation of policy, did the guards violate anything, took down a woman, where was the male guard, were they together at that point? >> no. she was in the room by herself at the point he had gone out for a rest room break. >>reporter: is that a violation of policy? >> i'm not certainty point. >>reporter: what would you be looking at at this point in regards to the number of guards you have taking care of an inmate? this is highly unusual, we're told by the chief. >> two people should be able to certainly guard a prisoner sceurl. what we're investigating right now is what his shackles -- were they looseened, were they not on, was something not
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followed. that's currently our investigation. >>reporter: can you tell us about the guards, how much experience they have? can you tell us about where he was in the hospital and exactly what it took for him to get to the stairwell, was a first floor, second floor, outside stairwell, was it an extensive escape out of the building? >> i'm not sure if it was the second or third floor, but it was an end unit, an end room after the initial shot was fired he walked down the hallway with the -- from our understanding with the female contract guard, sort of as a shield, and at some point released her and he ran down the hallway not far, you know, within 10 yards or so. >> is it a locked unit, is it standard? >> standard room. >>reporter: standard room on a standard floor, no special protocol being taken? >> correct. >>reporter: from the standpoint of security? >> correct. >>reporter: and then was the shot fired after assaye had the weapon and after he sort of i
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guess shed the woman, is that your understanding of when this shot was fired? >> i'm not absolutely certainty point when the shot was fired. that's under investigation by fairfax county. >>reporter: the male security officer fired the shot [ inaudible breablght >> yes. the male during the struggle fired that one shot. >> that's correct. >>reporter: to just be clear, he went to a house, climbed in a trunk and hid in the trunk? is that what went on? >> what i do know is the apartment complex right adjacent to the hospital is where he secured himself inside the trunk of a car, and as the chief said, and i have no knowledge of exactly how he got into the trunk of that car. >>reporter: the female guard's head, to her back, can you explain? how was he holding her hostage? >> i don't know at this point, but he obviously had her weapon. >>reporter: was that weapon then recovered? >> i know you have a lot of questions. this is a very active
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investigation and i promise to you we will get more information to each and everyone of you as this unfolds. some of the questions you have, we're interviewing people as we speak as i mentioned earlier. i just want to be absolutely clear that i'm thanking each and every community member in this region and all of you for your support in apprehending a violent felon that's no longer on the streets. thank you very much. >>reporter: at this point we're going to go ahead and conclude the news briefing. when all the federal agencies and all the local agencies, as the chief said, we're going to continue to have some debriefings throughout the day. it's an ongoing investigation. there are multiple interviews going on and multiple people that they have to speak with. as the additional information becomes available, we will continue to share that with you. >> right now we're going to bruce leshan who has arrived at the scene in southeast washington where wossen assaye was capture. bruce. >>reporter: yeah, andrea. this is where it happened just
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within the last hour, mpd officers captured wossen assaye just right around here on minnesota avenue. and you really absolutely have to give it to the public because apparently how this happened, you can see the officers getting ready to pull off now, this was until just a few minutes ago, very, very active scene. but they're pulling out now. anyway, the way this happened apparently was somebody on the m6 bus which travels up pennsylvania avenue, a citizen, a good citizen recognized the guy on the m6 bus, picked up the phone, called mpd. now, apparently assaye by the time mpd could get to that bus had gotten off, and we had a chance to talk to ruthy over here at the beauty salon, and she tells me he was walking up minnesota avenue, cursing, muttering to himself when all of a sudden a huge swarm of officers descended upon him and
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grabbed him and took him into cuff. he is now in police custody and a whole lot of people breathing a sigh of relief across northern virginia after this all morning long kind of fear that gripped a lot of people as this guy who had fired a shot inside a hospital and escaped was runnings across the area, carjacked two different people and apparently took one of those cars. the hundai elantra somewhere else. they still haven't found it, but ended up on a metro bus here in southeast d.c. where somebody called police, recognized him, called police and he was captured right here. they are pulling the tape, there was surveillance tape on that bus. metro tells me they're pulling the tape, they should have that and the guy is in custody at this point. andrea, back to you. >> all right, bruce leshan reporting live from southeast
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d.c., police giving credit to the public where they assisted in capturing a violent felon. let's go to erica for the latest on the forecast. >> an dree, a we have a red- flag warning for the areas south and east of the beltway. low relative humidity and gusty winds moving in later this afternoon as a cold front makes its approach. it doesn't have a lot of energy with it, not a lot of showers. this is going to be a quick mover. it's one of the reasons the winds are really going to pick up. out of the west and southwest 15 to 20 miles an hour, gusting higher than that. we'll get up to 67 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and that's when the showers are going to start to move in as well. right now it's 65 in downtown washington, 60 in hagerstown, so we're already seeing those temperatures on the rise, and it's because of these strong winds out of the south. the wind gusts are already near 30 miles per hour in much of the area. 29 miles per hour is your peak wind gust at reagan, 30 in lugger and 24 in martinsburg right now. so on satellite and radar you can see this pocket of energy making its approach, a line of showers moving towards garrett
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county and also moving toward the higher levels of the appalachians right now. you can see here on 9 futurecast as it makes its approach we'll see those showers just in time for the tuesday evening commute, so that's why today is a yellow alert day. the showers could have an impact there. everything moves out pretty quickly, though, and we're done with the rain by about 9:00 p.m., and then cooler air starts to settle in on wednesday. it's going to be cooler, it's going to be dry, lots of sunshine on wednesday. thursday things change once again, milder air on the approach. we could get away with a completely dry day on thursday, but it's possible that some of these rain showers are going to move in as early as thursday evening. forecast for today getting all the way up to 70 in manassas, 75 in fredricksburg, 72 in cullpepper, 67 in downtown washington and at andrews. overnight tonight it will get a little chilly behind that frontal system to the north and west of the beltway. 34 in fredrick, 35 in leesburg, 38 in fredricksburg, temperatures remain above the freezing mark throughout the metro area. so today is a yellow alert
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because of those rain showers right in time for the p.m. commute. but then wednesday a cool and dry day, really not that cool, though, especially compared to where we've been as of recently, a high of 60 degrees. we'll feel okay. pleasantly warm, though, on thursday and the potential for rain arriving at night, a high of 73 during the day, though. it's going to be a beautiful one. and the first alert seven-day forecast, the rainiest day will be good friday. we're dry but a little cool for easter weekend. andrea, back to you. >> erica, thank you very much. that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. of course we'll be back at 5:00, but you can follow the ongoing developments in the capture of wossen assaye on our mobile app at wusa9. until 5:00 this evening, have a great day.
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>> dylan: [ sighs ] >> sharon: morning. >> dylan: hey. >> sharon: oh. didn't you get any sleep? >> dylan: [ chuckles ] what kind of guard would i be if i'd done that? >> sharon: a well-rested one?ah, i'm used to pulling all nighters for watch duty. fortunately, things were quiet. >> sharon: thank you again for staying. it was really unsettling for me to think someone could get past security, break into my house, leave a message that's threatening on my mirror. >> dylan: well, i hope you were able to get some sleep. >> sharon: actually, i slept the best that i have since... >> dylan: since when?


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